10 Easy Ways to Improve your Wardrobe

So,I don’t know about you but every now and then I find my wardrobe needs bit of updating. Sometimes I look in there are realise I still have clothes from when I was 12 in there. Clothes that I never plan on wearing again. Updating my wardrobe seems a daunting task to me, especially when it hasn’t been considered. It is actually easily to review your wardrobe more than once ever few years just to help to keep on top of style and developing your personal style and taste. So to help you with this, i’ve created my top ten (easy) tips to improve your wardrobe today!

Top Ten Tips For Your Wardrobe:

  1. Order your clothes into ones you no longer like/ don’t fit and those you love. This one will help you to eliminate anything you aren’t going to wear and create more space in your wardrobe. You can give the discarded items to charity shops, relatives or recycle them! This will give them a longer life and make you a more sustainable consumer. It’s always useful to sort through any jumbled piles of clothes!
  2. Make sure you have the basics. This means some plain t-shirts/long tops, a pair of jeans, and maybe a dress, a skirt or leggings depending on your preference. 
  3. Accessorise. Basics are great but they could be a bit boring buy themselves. It’s worth investing in a few good quality items of jewellery that will last you a long time to add some oomph to your outfits. Try and get something that’s not going to go out of style quickly, that way you’ll definitely get your moneys worth!
  4. Have at least one ‘fancy’ outfit. This could be something you could wear to a wedding or formal event. Or it could also refer to something suitable for an interview or something for going out in the evenings. It’s important to have a few items suitable for these events so you’re never caught of gaurd.
  5. Plain colours are great for your wardrobe because they’re staple pieces you can build on top of. However alone they can sometimes seem a little bland. It could be worth ensuring you have at least a couple of items that aren’t just white, grey, or black. Of course it’s good to still pick a colour that suits your style, and also again try not to pick one that will go out of style quickly. Like yellow which is usually only good for spring and summer and then gets ignored over the winter period. 
  6. Sort out your shoes! I know some people for whom shoes are the best bit of their outfits. They actually dress each day from the shoes up. However am not a shoe addict but it is important to have a few pairs that you can actually wear. I find often that I go to pick some shoes and half of them are scuffed, falling apart or just don’t fit anymore! That’s why it’s important to check them every now and then and recycle the ones that aren’t wearable any more. I would recommend having at least on pair of trainers, some boot-like shoes for the winter and some flip-flops or sandals for the summer. Maybe even a heel if that is your thing. These hanging shoe racks for the back of the door are great as they create more space!
  7. If you really like one piece but just don’t know what you’d wear it with this is a great tip for you. Get out your pen and paper and white a list of everything in your wardrobe you could wear it with. How much is on there? Are you ever going to wear it? Is it really worth keeping?
  8. Get a little black dress. Even if that doesn’t sound like your style I promise you will use it! Also they come in a variety of styles so i’m sure you could find on that suits you.
  9. Organise your clothes! So, once you have decided what your going to get rid of and addressed anything that’s missing it’s time to sort! Organising your wardrobe, maybe by clothing style (trousers, blouses etc), or by colour or season, will make deciding what to wear easier, quicker and probably more successful!
  10. My final tip is especially important for anyone in England, or any other cold and rainy countries. Invest in a coat that will last at least a year! Try and get one in a basic colour so it will match all your outfits and make sure it’s warm! It’s definitely worth spending a little more on a good quality coat that will last, especially since you can’t usually wash them. 


I hope you have find my tips useful! And your wardrobes are soon in order and you can’t walk out your door each morning feeling confident! Let me know in the comments what you think or give me some of your tips! Enjoy 🙂 xx

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