5 Ways to Unwind on a Sunday Night + New Plumo Shoes

First of I’d better start this post with an apology for my lack of posts recently. What with exams, revision and Easter it’s been crazy busy. However, I’m back now! Since I know lots of you are revising at the moment and  need  some ways to unwind, I thought I’d share mine with you. I’d love to know what you do to relax, let me know in the comments below!

Bubble Baths and Candles

Bubble bath haters and germaphobes please don’t come after me, but I love a good bath. Yes, I know they aren’t the most hygienic things and many people feel they need a shower straight after, but they’re so relaxing! A nice bubble bath, with some scented candles and a magazine, or some Netflix’s if you’re feeling brave, cannot be beaten in terms of a quick way to unwind.


Speaking of Netflix, that is another amazing way to unwind (Other Apps or just regular TV are available). However, I am currently indulging in some binge watching so thought I would share with you some of my guilty favourites. First of Riverdale. Yes, it is extremely cheesy and very American but it’s an easy watch. It provides a show that doesn’t require much thinking, making it perfect for a Sunday night. Another show that I’m enjoying at the moment is Grimm. I am quite late on the bandwagon for this one but again it’s just a great easy watch. The other show that I want to watch but haven’t got around to is 13 reasons why. Everyone is talking about it at the moment so would love to know if any of you have watched it? and whether its work watching?

Smell an Orange

This one is a little odd, but it is backed by science! I wouldn’t suggest wandering round sniffing an orange, as you might get some odd looks from your family. However orange scented essential oil is really good for reducing stress levels. Brazilian scientists made candidates smell three different oils. Those who smelt the orange were considerable less anxious and stressed throughout the test. 


This one is a great one, especially if you have a dog like I do. Walking can boost endorphins, which reduces the stress hormone and therefore helps you to unwind. Walking with someone is also a terrific way of bonding and provides a good time to talk through any problems you’re having. Walking alone also has it’s benefits. It can give you time to reflect and think about what is important to you. I have actually just come back from a walk with my dog. And now it’s spring the weather is much better for walking, even if it’s just a quick one. 


Ways to Unwind


My last tip is my favourite. Laughing. They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s true. It increases blood flow and boost immunity. It can relive tension and lighten mental loads as well as get more oxygen flowing around the body. So even if you ignore all my tips, try this one out. If you’re struggling maybe use the pics below to help 😉 


Now it wouldn’t be a Hebe Sophia blog post without some funky outfit photos. I am so in love with these green sandals from Plumo. What with the weather being so hot I couldn’t help but style them ready for spring. The dress if you’re wondering is from Topshop and I’ll put a link to the shoes below! Enjoy, and see you Wednesday! xxx

Plumo sandals Plumo Shoes

Shoes Plumo: http://www.plumo.com/products/Eva-sandals.html

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  1. That dress color is lovely on you!


    1. Aww thank you that’s very kind. I love your blog 🙂 x

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