A Week in My Wardrobe

For today’s post I thought I would share with you guys my outfits in an average week. Now i have some apologies to make for this post because i am aware not all the photos are perfect either because my hair looks awful or the photos aren’t as good quality as they could be. This was because my usual fabulous photographer (aka Freya) has been sick so I resorted to using my mum who struggles to send an email let alone use a DSLR camera, bless her. But anyway here is my week in outfits, i have listed where everything is from so hopefully this will be of some help to you or at least give you some inspiration. 



Comfy Cardigan Boohoo Top Comfy trousers Pink Watch Casual

I don’t know about you but i really struggle to get out of bed on a Monday morning, especially when it’s cold. So i decided to wear a relatively comfy outfit that would also keep me warm. 

Jumper | Primark   Top| Boohoo    Trousers| Anthropologie



Zara Top Green Watch

Now i’m sorry they’re only two photos for Tuesday! I did take more but from some reason they don’t seem to want to upload into the post. I usually dress slightly more formal on a Tuesday, probably because my days tend to be shorter so i can survive a bit longer it heels. 

Blouse | Zara   Trousers | Topshop   Shoes | Asos



Notonthehighstreet Neclace Topshopp Trousers Hooded Coat Abercrombie cardigan Cos Coat

This look was probably my favourite from this week. I loved that i could layer it up with my cardigan and coat. Mainly because it was freezing here in the UK. 

Top | Zara   Trouser | Topshop   Necklace| Notonthehighstreet.com   Cardigan | Hollister   Coat | Cos


Pink Watch Hollister Leggings Asos Neclace Tweed Shoes Asos Jumper Dress

On this particular week i dressed down a bit for Thursday and Friday. I’d had a pretty tiring week and was struggling to make so much of an effort, as you can tell. However these outfits we’re really comfy and just about kept to out dress code, pretty much. 

Jumper Dress | Asos   Leggings | Abercrombie   Shoes | DSW   Necklace | Asos 


Stripe Top Cos Basics Warm Coat Fendi Shoes Cos Coat

I was going to just wear a t-shirt on Friday but decided it was way too cold. The top i have on underneath was so comfy and also has thumb holes which just made it than extra bit nicer. 

T-Shirt | American Eagle   Top | Cos   Neclace | V&A   


 Green WatchFinery Shoes Laser cut top UNIQLO Top UNIQLO Trousers

Usually my saturday outfit would just be jeans and a slouchy jumper but this weekend i had an interview at Southampton so i had to dress a little bit smarter. It hard to tell from these photos but the sleeves of the top have funky laser cut squares, which although make me cold, look so cool!

Top | Uniqlo   Trouser| Uniqlo   Shoes| Finery


I would also show you today’s but honestly i spent most of it in my PJ’s making cakes with my little cousins. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. How do you dress in the week? Also i’d love to know if there are any blog posts you guys would like to see! Let me know in the comments below 🙂 xx

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