The Balenciaga Exhibition: The Victoria and Albert Museum

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to attend the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A museum in London. I usually go to their fashion exhibitions every year and I must admit this was by far my favourite. His work was truly beautiful and the way in which he works in opposition to the female form made his work look modern, even to this day.

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About Balenciaga:

He was born in a small fishing village in Spain in 1895. At just 12 he became a tailor on before starting his own fashion house named Eisa in 1917. Before moving to Paris in 1937 he had already opened two houses in Madrid and Spain. The exhibition contained a load of fabric samples to demonstrate his preference for beginning with the fabric instead of a sketch. For him the fabric decided the final garment. His Spanish heritage was obvious in his work as he drew influence from flamenco dresses and matador outfits. 


My Favourites:

alenciaga Exhibition
Balenciaga Exhibition

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