Bangkok, Koh Samui and Hong Kong Haul

Hey, as i’m sure it’s pretty obvious I haven’t posted for a while but today i’m back while a haul from my summer travels. In July I visited Bangkok, Koh Samui and Hong Kong and thought I’d share some of my favourite purchases! For anyone who’s been you’ll know the exchange rate is pretty good. Plus there’s lots of haggling to be had so there are often lots of great deals. 

One of my first Hong Kong purchases was this hat. To be honest it’s probably a bit late in the summer to buy a hat but who knows when it might be useful. I have a strangely small head so finding one small enough was quite a challenge, and then finding a non branded one was also difficult. However I’m pleased with this one. You can’t really tell in the picture but it has an almost matt velvet texture, plus it’s super soft! 

In Bangkok I visit the huge 8 story mall, MBK, and bought a bunch of trousers. I bought about 5 pairs but i’m just going to show you my favourites. I am so in love with the clothes in MBK. There is also a smaller shopping plaza in Hong Kong run by Korean  fashionista’s and all the clothes are originals and quirky. The only probably with buying clothes there is obviously size, i’m not exactly petite, especially compared to the Thai and Chinese women, hence why these elastic trousers were perfect!


Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hong Kong Haul


Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hong Kong Haul

Another purchase that is just  adorable is this mushroom speaker. I thought it might be useful for university, figured if i’m going to annoy my roommates with my music at least the speaker is cute. It’s also quite practical as it’s small and has a suction cup on the bottom to stick to your phone! I’m always a little wary when buying electronics in Hong Kong and Bangkok as I’ve had some bad experiences with broken speakers or headphones in the past. However this works amazingly and looks pretty!


Where we stayed in Koh Samui there was a fisherman market on the weekends. The stuff there was more artistic as well as having the usual makeup and sunglasses stalls. This bag was available in hundreds of colours and sizes. I choose this size because it can be used as a bag or a makeup bag and it’s already been useful for staying round peoples houses. 



Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hong Kong Haul

Those of you who know me know i’m a sucker for stationary and notebooks and they make me super excited. So when I found a leather notebook shop I almost hyperventilated with excited. Again they had loads of colours and styles, and some of them could be printed with names. It’s also fab because it’s plain paper so I can use it as a sketchbook. For someone about to study fashion that’s always going to be useful!



As I said, notebook freak. So I couldn’t resist this gorgeous fabric notebook with the elephant on the front. This was another Koh Samui purchase and a bit further down you’ll see the bookmark I got to go with it, which is also fabric covered. 



My mum, my sister and I all bought one of these (because discount!) and they had them in loads of colour combinations and styles too. Always a lover of greys and blues I choose this one and i’m yet to wear it but am excited for when I do!


My final purchase to share is this alarm clock. Now, I already have one at home but wanted a new one for uni. I liked this one because i’m not sure what colour the wall of my room is yet and thought the cream wood will go with most! Again, electronics are always risky but i’m hoping this will work, can’t be late!


So those are my favourite purchases from my travels. I will be posting again next Wednesday talking about my time at Shambala next week!!!



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