The Best Podcasts from 2017: The top 5 podcasts to expand your knowledge


Last year was a year of podcasts for me. I really got in to them. Finding they were great to listen to in the gym, whilst working and even when failing to sleep, I experimented with loads. I though I’d share with you my top 5 for you to try out in the new year!

The Podcasts:

1. TED Radio Hour:

I got into this podcast after watching some ted talks on youtube. It features an hour on a certain topic, including highlights from various talks in each episode. You learn something new every time
you listen, making it inspirational and educational. One of my favourites is their recent one on
beauty featuring philosopher Denis Dutton, psychologist Nancy Etcoff and model Cameron Russell.

2. Not too Deep, with Grace Helbig:

This podcast is less ‘brainy’ and more light-hearted. It features host Grace Helbig who has different guests on each week, usually youtubers. She often asks them bizarre, but extremely funny questions, provoking odd and interesting answers. It’s great if you just want something fairly short to listen to, to help you chill out at the end of the day. 


3. Casefile:

I don’t know if any of you are true crime or murder mystery freaks, but if you are you’ll love this one.  I began listening to this after months of watching murder with friends on Popsugar. Finding I was becoming engrossed in real life murder stories I went in search of where else I satisfy my need for mystery. This is where I found casefile. Each episode features a different case of around an hour long. They’re all true and the host has an almost haunting voice as he guides you through the various events and evidence that’s found. After listening to just one case I was addicted and got through about 5 in one day! Although it did make me question humanity a little!
4. Fashion No Filter

For you fashion lovers like me this podcast was made for you! Hosted by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley this podcast gives you an inside look into the fashion industry. Although they have only done 8 episodes so far, each one covering a different topic, they all give an interesting insight to people in the industry and the various issues it faces. The podcast also provides short segments called risk takers, social media break and dressed for radio. They also give ideas of whose good to follow on Instagram and mention various brands. Always useful information for fashion lovers.

5. The Food for Fitness Podcast- by Scott Baptie

This podcast has been going a while so has hundreds of episodes to choose from. They cover pretty much any topic to do with health and fitness and so are a perfect resource for keeping yourself informed. The episodes also include helpful recipes and exercise ideas for staying fit!

So there you have it. 5 podcasts you can use to fill your free time in 2018, without feeling like you’ve wasted it! Check in on Saturday for the next post! xxx




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