December’s Need to Know Name: Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is an American Model best known for her lingerie modelling for the plus-sized clothing store Lane Bryant. So I’ve selected her for this months name. The way in which she empowers women and flaunts her curves on numerous shoots is inspiring. These include the cover of Style, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle UK after being told she would never be a cover girl. 
It is undoubtable this women is stunning. However it is the way in which she speaks about her career and her defiance of the label ‘Plus size’ that make her so great. Furthermore in a recent interview she was quoted saying ‘Do i sometimes wish i were thinner? God, in the old days, absolutely i did, but now i feel that to lose weight would be disloyal to myself. A lot of who i am is connected to my size, and i am so happy with who i am’. She uses her career as a platform to use her voice to make a difference and It is women like her who encourage us all to accept ourselves and work with what we have. 


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