What Do Your Funky Socks Say About You?

It’s time for another one of my favourite blog posts to write! A request! Today’s request was for a post on funky socks. Now I have to admit when this idea was suggested I had no idea what to say. However after some investigation work I found out there is a theory that suggests the socks you wear could be correlated to your personality type. Socks could actually say a lot about you, whether it’s the colour, pattern or material of them. 

Socks- What do mine say about me?

If you are someone who makes bold colour choices with your socks it could suggest you like to rebel. For example, bright yellow socks with a suit suggest a rebellion against your uniform. They can also show an expressive personality. What we choose to wear, including our sock choices, gives you the option to show the world who you are. Such as banana socks, which could mean you’re a bit of a joker!

Crazy patterns could mean you’re a person with a taste for adventure and a fun-loving personality. It’s likely you like to break the ice in formal settings, maybe even using your socks as an icebreaker. 

Stripes tend to be worn by with a flirty personality but also likes to respect the social guidelines. These are often a choice for businessmen. 

Some people find odd socks deeply upsetting, others think they’re great for just going with the flow. People who wear odd socks are likely to be pretty carefree or disorganised. 

If I were you I might consider not wearing white socks. All of these dead world leaders have them in common: Mao Tse-Tung, Adolf Hitler, Mu’ammar al-Qadaffi and Josef Stalin.

Choosing socks that make you stand out, or blend in can impact on our self-perceptions and confidence. Black or plain boring socks can show you want to blend in with the crowd where as a bold pattern shows individualism. Funky sock choices can also be linked with success! It has been noted than a large proportion of business executives and even former presidents have a fetish for fun socks. So i’d get buying them!

What about sock style?

Choices in our sock style can also give an indication of someones personality or hobbies. For example, if you live in trainer socks, you are probably a sporty person. Or if you have a preference for knitted or woollen socks it’s likely you can cold easily. Never taking socks off also says something about you. Maybe you’re insecure about your feet, or they just get really cold. 

For whatever reason you choose your socks no one can deny a funky sock once in a while (or everyday ) does no harm. So if this post has made you want to go get some, I’ve put some inspiration for you below. Of course, this post isn’t anything serious, and like these funky socks, is just a bit of fun. Maybe your sock choices mean nothing and your just wear whatever you can find! Either way I hope you enjoyed the post and comment below your favourite pair of socks! 🙂 xx




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