Gender Fluid Clothing

Rad Hourani
Recently I have begun to look around various universities to study fashion.  Whilst looking round universities something became clear to me, clothing without gender ( unisex clothing) is becoming really prominent and could be seen to many as a way forward in fashion.
After doing some research i discovered many well known brands are buying into this. This spring Zara have joined this movement by launching their unisex collection of jeans ,shorts, tops and jumpers. I agree with many that no one should be forced into a box of having to wear either men’s or women’s wear. By creating gender fluid clothing the fashion industry is catering to a larger group of people. However many people have responded negatively to Zara’s new collection.
To further my understanding of consumer views on gender fluid clothing i asked people of all genders their opinions on the movement and the feedback i got  was really interesting. Some of the girls i spoke to were concerned  stereotypical girl clothing would vanish and although i think unisex clothing could be the way forward clothing aimed at a female target market will never fade. Similarly a lot of the guys said although they would support it  they would never wear it themselves and couldn’t see their friends wearing it either. Another point that is worth considering is that if no one buys the clothes they won’t continue forward in high street stores. Here are some quotes from some of the people i surveyed that i think demonstrated some particularly prominent points of view:
‘I think with certain characters it can be pulled off very well and if it contributes to happiness then even better. That being said i see neither myself nor many of my friends wearing non menswear items’.
‘My opinion is that clothes are clothes, they shouldn’t have a gender, if you want to wear something just wear it’.
‘It’s catering to more people, it’s fabulous. There should be more option for everyone to wear whatever they would like’.
‘I think Agender clothing is great because you can express yourself in a more interesting way than just fitted clothing. It has more exploration, new styles and no category for people to be put it to’.
And thats what i feel gender fluid clothing should be about. Getting rid of labels and allowing people to exhibit themselves however they wish. Whether it’s here to stay or simply a fad it’s certainly a topic up for discussion.


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