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Yoga with AdrieneSo this year i finally quit dancing after years and years of going to lessons. After quitting i was in desperate need of something new to keep me feeling fit and healthy. I am lucky enough to have a home gym ( of some sorts) but didn’t really know what to do in it other than run on the treadmill which honestly, i find a little boring. So naturally i hard a look online and on YouTube and tried out a huge variety of different free online fitness classes or activities. I have to say YouTube really is the best! It means anyone can get fit for free at home without purchasing any membership or equipment, all you need are some trainers and maybe a good sports bra! Since we are now getting into 2017 everyone seems to be on a major gym and fitness hype with all the new year resolutions for getting into shape or losing weight. Whether you have a resolution or not these are the top 5 YouTube channels/blogs i would recommend for you guys. 


  1. Blogilates

Blogilates aka Cassey Ho is a youtube channel and blog that have a huge variety of work outs and fitness calendars. Each month Cassey sends out a newsletter with a fitness plan attached. This is all free and makes getting fit super easy as all you have to do is follow the plan! The Blogilates community is huge which is one massive bonus. It means even if no one around you is joining in their is loads of support from people online. Cassey also has an app in which you can join in conversation with others and even win money for losing weight if you think that would be what would motivate you. The workouts are often tough but really fun. The thing i love about the Blogilates channel is that is has a playlist of song challenges in which you exercise to a beat which can be really motivating. Another thing about Cassey that definitely makes her worth mentioning is that she is also a designer! She has designed her own range of beautiful sports wear that you can purchase.

Instagram: @blogilates  Blog:


 2. PopSugar

For those of you fitness fanatics you will have probably already heard about Popsugar. It has a great YouTube channel with a huge variety of videos from cardio to weights to dance. This means it is a great channel to follow if you get bored easily as you can do something new each day. It has has a blog dedicated to fitness on the BlogLovin app called FitSugar which has loads of recipe ideas to help you to eat well too. 




3. Yoga with Adriene

I love this channel because although at times the practices can be a little cheesy it is very fun loving and relaxed. It also helps to build strength and stability in your core.  Another really good aspect of her channel is the focus on mental healthy as well as physical fitness. She is currently running something called Yoga Revolution (which i would definitely recommend)that is 31 days of yoga with each practice given a name such as honour or ease. If you are someone that gets stressed easily or you feel like you need some me time but also want to get fit this is the channel for you. 

Instagram: @AdrieneMishier  Blog:  #findwhatfeelsgood


4.  Lucy Wyndham-Read

If you’re a SacconeJoly fan you may know her as Anna and Johnathan friend/personal trainer. On her YouTube Channel she does a different challenge each month. A new video is uploaded each day at 6.30pm that is usually either HIIT based or toning based. One day a week she also has a rest day video. In these she often shows healthy recipe ideas or shares some fitness tips.  Her video’s are amazing if you have a busy schedule as they’re quick to do so there really is no excuse. 

Instagram : @lucywydndhamread Blog: #Lucyssquad


5. Pump & Iron

Now this one doesn’t have a Youtube Chanel. It does however have a beautiful blog on which they post heaps of fitness inspiration. They have timed challenges, recipes and tonnes of ideas for quick workouts!


I hope my suggestions help you. Obviously their are tonnes of amazing fitness experts and channels you can following. These are just some of my personal favourites that i wanted to show you. Let me know in the comments if you have any fitness recommendations for me , i’d love to hear them! xx



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