The Grand Palace: Bangkok

Last week I visited Thailand and stayed in Bangkok for a few nights whilst I was there. In Bangkok, I visited the Grand Palace, a common tourist landmark which used to serve as a royal residents. But is only used for ceremonial purposes nowadays. Inside the gates there are various beautiful buildings to see, picture below, and the Grand Palace itself. 

My Experience at The Grand Palace:

Despite having visited before we still failed to remember the dress code until reaching the taxi. You have to cover your legs and shoulders as a sign of respect. This proved a bit of an issue as we’d forgotten to pack longer items since the weather was so warm. This led to some interesting fashions. My sister sporting a dress as a skirt and mum bending her knees at the gate to try and make her dress appear longer. I wore baggy leggings (stylish, I know) and considering we all had most of our bodies covered we figured this would be okay. 

However, this was not the case. After entering the grounds I was later told off for my leggings and told to change. This resulted in my having to wrap a woolly scarf (that kept falling down!) over my black leggings in 30 degree heat. It’s fair to say it wasn’t the most comfortable few hours of my life.

But the discomfort was worth it! The buildings were so beautifully embellished, with no wall left bare. Although I really loved the ornate details of the golden buildings there was something simplistically beautiful about the white and pastel ones. We could go inside some of the temples, in which many Thai people were praying or paying their respects. Finding out that about 90% of Thai people are Buddhist (or as our lovely guide said it ‘are Buddhism’) making it a massively dominant religion was also surprising!


Throughout the whole time in Thailand we saw lots of black ribbons or people in place, but it was most noticeable here as tonnes of Thai people dressed head to toe in place came to the palace to mourn the death of their king, which is what you can see in one of my photographs. Overall, we had a really fab visit and it really is a must for anyone lucky enough to visit Bangkok. I have some more Thailand blog post planned as we were able to travel around a bit and visit some pretty cool places. So if you have a visit planned or are thinking about going they’ll definitely be worth reading! As usual if you have any questions or if there is anything you want to know let me know in the comments below! Enjoy 🙂 xxx


The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

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