Outfit of the Day: January

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! It’s time for the monthly round up of outfit of the days. Wow what a fab month we’ve had. I’ve really struggled to pick people this month as there are just so many fashionable people around me! I’m February will be just as good and more people will get involved.  I hope the outfits below give you some inspiration and you have enjoyed the daily Instagram. Comment below your favourites and let me know if there’s any particular styles you want to see next month. Enjoy 🙂 xx


The Outfits:

kids fashion leopard print coat hat and scarf Wooly hat winter outfit hedgehog apron 18th Birthday outfit Cute Glasses Ginger Buns beauty look work attire O bag fluffy bag topshop trousers chic look Burton suit cos Elegant

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