The ‘Man Repeller’ Effect: How Men Really Feel About Fashion Forward Looks

Plum Coat: Man Repeller

I was listening to the ‘Fashion No Filter’ podcast on my run this morning and they were having a discussion on mens’ views on fashion. The general conclusion was that men tend to prefer women that dress more ‘typically’. For example skinny jeans and a tighter t-shirt. And to be honest this does seem to usually be the case. Hence why blog’s like ‘Man Repeller’ exist.  

For any of you who don’t know ‘Man Repeller’ was founded in 2010 by Leandra Medine. It’s an online community that encourages self expression and empowers people to dress for themselves. It values self expression through clothes. This is an important thing lots of people forget about and simply dress to fit in, seem cool, or usually seem attractive to a potential partner.

I have to be honest, on the whole I’m not a particularly wacky dresser, although I might be if I could afford it. However this ‘Man Repeller’ concept is something I’ve picked up on in my 18years on this planet. When I dress a little more unusually, I tend to get compliments from girls, but less attention from the male species! For me this isn’t really an issue as i’m pretty happy to wear what I like without really worrying. But for some girls this would be off putting. However, I am aware that me boyfriend would much rather I wore just jeans and t-shirt, not that he would ever tell me I didn’t look nice, but this is pretty common. Plus it’s not unusual for some sarcastic comment about my clothes to appear from his mouth.  After hearing that most of the men in the podcast, including the hosts boyfriend, said they preferred women who dress less conceptually and more mainstream. So I decided to conduct some research of my own. 

Putting the Man Repeller Effect to the Test:

To test my theory out I found some fairly wacky street style looks from fashion week and sent them to some of my guy friends. Man Repeller I have to say I was impressed with how open minded they were. Even though they were probably just trying not to hurt my feelings! They seemed to appreciate the creativity of these women. But also admitted they would probably feel a little uncomfortable going on a date with them. They also admitted that they would feel more inclined to go out with them if they were dressed in a more toned down manner. 

The idea that girls would dumb down their personality for someone on a date is upsetting. Plus they’ll realise how crazy you are pretty quick. I think the best thing is to dress like you, but you on a more subdued day. So perhaps not your going ‘out with your fashion friend’ outfits.

The Ultimate Test:

To really put this to the test I took a picture in this Plumo coat, which I really love. However it has been referred to as having a tent/air mattress effect by my sister. A look which I doubt the designer was aiming for!.

Plum Coat: Man Repeller Plum Coat: Man Repeller Plum Coat: Man Repeller


Surprisingly the coat actually didn’t go down too badly with the boys. But I think perhaps the sparkly jeans and orange boots were a step too far. Anyway, moral of the post is dress for you and no one else! Someone will love you, weird clothes and all. Plus personality over dress sense, right? …..


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. As usual leave comments below and hopefully I’ll see you Wednesday. If exam stress doesn’t get to me first 🙂 xxx

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