My April Favourites

My April Favourites: Topshop Highlighter

I’m back with my favourites from this month! I’ve never done a post like this before so I hope you guys like it. I’m going to share with you my favourite products from this month, mainly beauty, and let you know where you can get them any why they’re great! 


Anthropologie Hair Ties:

So I’ve been using to these to tie my hair up and they’re fab! Not only are they double sided and colourful, but also good for your hair. As they aren’t elastic then don’t snap your hair and they also don’t get caught it in. A problem I often have when taking my hair down after a long day. These are available in loads of different colours and I believe they’ve just brought out some more in more bright spring like colours!

My April Favourites: Anthropologie hair bands

vo5 Heat Protect Spray:

Now I have to be honest with you I’ve always been a bit reluctant about heat protect sprays and felt they were a waste of money. Wow was I wrong! I’ve been using this whenever I blow dry my hair and it makes such a difference. My hair feels so much healthier and also looks better. It also smells amazing! I honestly just want to smell my hair all day whenever I use this, It’s Great and also easy to get hold of. Your local Boots or Super drug should sell it.

Black Cherry Hand Cream:

This product has also been an absolute life saver! I started a new job recently that involves a lot of washing up and I was finding that my hands get really dry. However after using this they were super soft and smelt amazing! I have a confession in that I’m not sure where it was from since it was given to me by my mum after all my complaining of dry hands. However I would guess that it’s from Sephora, so if you have one near you give it a go.

My April Favourites: Cherry Handcream

Topshop Highlighter:

This next one I a big favourite of mine. I actually bought a while ago but i’m sure Topshop still stock it. Although I bought it a few months ago I have used it loads. As you can see from the pictures! I find it works really well with my foundation ( I use a liquid one) and also gives a shine without looking greasy.


My April Favourites: Topshop HighlighterTopshop Highlighter

Beauty Blender:

This one is definitely from Sephora. I have to admit I was never a big believer in beauty blenders. Since I have quite red skin I always thought it would just irritate my skin when I put makeup on and make it seem worse. But this was not the case at all. I actually found it worked way better than my brushes and has now replaced my foundation brush. If you have red skin like me I would definitely recommend it for you!


My April Favourites: Beauty Blender

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2:

This was also something that I was given ages ago for my birthday. My usual body spray ran out so I thought i’d give this ago and I have to say I love. It is pretty strong so a little bit goes a long way. But it smells fresh and clean, which is always a bonus.

My April Favourites: Ralph Lauren

Zara Knotted T-Shirt:

I spent most of my Easter holiday in this top. Especially when it was sunny. It’s super soft and comfy and the yellow colour just felt so sprint like. It can be really easily worn with anything high waisted, or low if you wanna be risky 😉 For a Zara product it was very reasonably priced and I would recommend it for any yellow lovers like me!

My April Favourites: Zara Top

So that is everything I have loved this month. I’d love to know what your favourites have been this month! Let me know in the comments above and as always enjoy 🙂 xxx

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