Novembers Need to Know Name: Adwoa Aboah

Need to know name: Adwoa Aboah
Adwoa Aboah is this months name. She is a model who last year struggled with depression, addiction and attempted suicide. She discussed these struggles in a video interview with Vogue in April. In this interview she removed her clothes and spoke openly about her experiences as a demonstration that style is not about what you wear but about being comfortable in your own skin. In the Interview she said ‘it does’t matter how many times people say you’re beautiful, how many jobs you get, or whatever it is- I just didn’t want to be Adwoa’. She shed light on the pressures of the Fashion Industry and how her job as a model effected her self esteem. 
Adwoa fronted the Calvin Klein‘s spring/summer campaign alongside Kendall Jenner and FKA Twigs and she shared that she feels most comfortable being photographed by Tyrone Lebon ‘because it’s me versus all the makeup and or pretending to be someone else’. 
The main reason i have chosen her for this months need to know name is due to her project Gurl Talk that she set up last year. It is a formal charity for her feminist initiative. She explained ‘it’s about opening up a space within schools where we as women and girls can talk about whatever we want’. Having reached a point in her life where confidence and happiness have taken over any darkness in her past, Aboah is keen to show girls a brighter future, and this makes her truly inspirational to us all. 
For more information on Aboah or The Gurl Talk Project follow @adwoahaboah on instagram!

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