The Oscars 2017 Fashion Review

Hey guys, so this post is actually a request I’ve received some one of my readers. It’s so lovely to get suggests, so please if you have any keep sending them my way! So, as i’m sure lots of you know there was lots of drama at the Oscars this year. However, as per usual, i’m going to try and keep myself out of trouble and stick to what I know best. Fashion. I’d just like to say any of the comments I make on the outfits are purely my own opinion and are in no way trying to insult the artistry that goes into design/making them. So, without further ado, the review!

The Review:

Naomie Harris in Calvin Klien:

OMG this women is so beautiful! The dress however i’m not so keen on. It’s okay, there’s nothing hideously wrong with it. I just feel so could have done better. I mean look at here she is a bombshell! However I am a fan of the yellow shoes with the white so she gets props for that.

Photo credit to VALERIE MACON.

Scarlett Johanson in Alaia:

Again I love this women, who doesn’t she is everyones’ girl crush. However I really hate this dress on her. She could have done soooo much better! The shape of the dress doesn’t flatter her knockout figure at all! And the belt just makes the whole ensemble seem a little dated. Her face and hair are perfection but the dress just really doesn’t do it for me.

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney:

I love this looks, it’s clean, elegant and sophisticated. However only a supermodel like Karlie Kloss could pull of head to toe white. I especially love the asymmetric cape thing she has going on, gives the look an almost royal touch. 

Emma Stone in Givenchy:

Now this dress is for a girl who knows she going to win an Oscar. It really is show stopping. I am absolutely in love with the top part of the dress. The embroidery and beading on the top is stunning. I’m usually not a fan of gold dresses but somehow I like the colour on her, maybe it’s the ginger hair! However the fringing spoils it a bit for me. I think it detracts a little from the beauty of the top of the dress. The fringing just took it one step too far for me.  

Photo by Steve Granitz

Dakota Johnson in Gucci:

Firstly is it just me or does she look really different in this picture?! Secondly, i am not a fan of the dress. Gold might work for Emma Stone but this full body covering number doesn’t work on Dakota. She has such a beautiful figure so I don’t understand why she decided to hide it behind so many ruffles and an overly large bow. I’m sorry, but she could have done way better!

Brie Larson in Oscar de la Renta:

I love, love , love everything about this look. The red lipstick with the black is gorgeous and the cascading ruffles are breathtaking. The neckline is striking yet classic and revealing but not too revealing. This dress is the perfect mix of unique and understated. The only negative thing I can think of is that i’m not a huge fan of the shoes. But who cares about the shoes when the dress is that good!

Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo:

It’s always best to end on a high and Hailees dress just really does it for me. I love it from head to toe. The pastel colours suit her skin tone perfectly and her little figure means she can pull of the high neck beautifully. I love how it goes in at the waist but then flares out at the bottom. It’s just so elegant, for me she was by far the best dressed on the red carpet!

I hope you have enjoyed my Oscars Review! What did you think of everyones outfits? Who did you think was the best dressed? Leave me a comment below to let me know! And as usual are be back here with the next post on Wednesday. Enjoy 🙂 xx

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