Shambala 2017

Last week my friends and I went to Shambala music festival in Northamptonshire. Never having been before I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised and we all had an amazing time. The festival encourages being green and recycling which meant everything was so clean people walked around without shoes on. The toilets were bliss compared to what I expected and the venue was fairly small so there was no hike from our tent to the stages. Not to mention the weather was insane!

In the day, the festival was very family friendly with lots of little kids going round in carts decorated with fairy lights. As well as a kid’s corner and craft corner. In the evening, there were lots of venues to choose from. A reggae room, the main stage, a huge tent with balloons hanging from the ceiling, the house party which was a fake house with cupboards and a washing machine filled with clothes and finally a woodland decorated to look ‘trippy’ with tree houses and pretty lanterns and lights. 

The vibe there was so relaxed and chill, plus everyone was so cool I felt very inadequate. People had vibrant costumes, usually including a large amount of glitter, some of which are pictured below. What makes it a bit different is all the activities in the day. Whilst we were there we took an…interesting yoga class, made nipple tassels and attending drag queen bingo. It was all a little surreal and bizarre but amazing none the less. I tried to take some pictures to capture the atmosphere for you guys but only going there would do justice to its unique and ‘artyness’. Plus, between all the activities and partying there wasn’t that much time to think of pictures! Enjoy the ones below and I’ll see ya next week, maybe for a uni haul or a freshers look book! xxx


Shambala Pictures:

Shambala 2017 Shambala 2017    

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