The Top 3 Free Apps for Photo Editing

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a fab start to your week! Today’s blog post is all about photo editing and how to do it easily and cost-efficiently. Now I must admit I am not one for extremely edited photos. However, there are a few apps I like to use just to touch up a my photos. I mainly use these apps to enhance colour or brightness or to crop them. So, here are my top 3 (free) apps for photo editing. 


This app is a great one for fine-tuning your photos. I mainly use it to enhance the brightness and exposure of photographs. The reason I love it is because you can control the colour tints of the shadows and highlights. There are so sliders so everything can be done in a controlled way. It almost allows you to create your own filters.

 Apps for Photo Editing

It’s perfect for images like the one above as you can change the contrast to make the lights brighter and the background darker. You could also change the tints of colours around the lights to create an ‘artier’ effect. 


This is another one of my favourites as not only can you apply filters to your pictures but you can also see how they all look together and even publish them. It has an enormous range of filter options that can all be applied at various levels. There is also the option to buy more filters if that is your thing. The options are endless!

I used a tiny amount of the M5 filter on this photo (which I use a lot for Instagram) which gives a slightly faded by still dynamic photography. 



This app I use less, however it is great if there are particular elements of the photo you’d like to edit. It has many tools including a brush tool that allows you to change the saturation and exposure of certain parts of the photo. Like Afterlight you can also edit the brightness, contrast and exposure of photos. This app also has filters, however less of a selection than VSCO and they tend to be slightly more artistic but extreme. 

With this image, I was able to up the saturation of just her hair to show off her beautiful ginger locks!


So, there you have it, my Top apps for photo editing. Obviously just editing on Instagram with all the filters they have is usually sufficient but these are great for any extra tweaking needed. As usual I hope you found this post useful and comment below with any questions. Enjoy 🙂 xxx

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