Top 5 Performances at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Last week I was lucky enough to bring  the fairy tale of Rumplestiltskin to life on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Red Bonnet Productions. For those of you who don’t know The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts festival. It happens each august and lasts 25 days. During the times many companies and school groups both well known and new comers bring to the stage a huge array of entertainment. During my week there i was able to watch over 20 shows as well as performing each evening. Part of the festival experience is seeing poorer performance but with every unrehearsed play there is a fantastic piece of drama that will take your breath away. I thought i’d share some of my favourite performances so you may enjoy them in the two weeks the Fringe still has left!
Top 5 performances: 
5. Improvabunga- this show is an improv show aimed at teenagers. With no rehearsal prior to the show the audience pick the themes of the play and the improv troupe crete a play entirely based around the audiences suggestions. The add on of buzzers allows the audience to make the actors burst into song or even kiss each other. Although it is sometimes a bit hit and miss  if 50mins of light hearted comedy is what your looking for this fits the bill perfectly.
4. Nel- A touching performance by 4 extremely talent girls. Nel is a girl who brings films to life using sound. The clever physical theatre in this piece will blow your mind and the use of sound and singing creates a lively on stage atmosphere that is sure to engage any audience. 
3. Hyprov- Improv under Hypnosis is a longer than usual production for the Fringe but you will be glad for the extra 20mins. This hypnosis show featuring Colin Mochrie  makes for some great evening entertainment devised from ideas of audience volunteers without inhibitions. 
2. Shakespeare for Breakfast- Another really great show that is celebrating it’s 25th sell out year! The early morning get up for this piece  is worth it for the tea, croissants and laughs that you will get in return. With quick pace performance throughout and an amazing on stage atmosphere you will be left wanting more from this energetic cast. Just remember to book in advance!
1. Bucket List- this was definitely the best piece of theatre i saw whilst  at the fringe and arguably one of the best performances i’ve ever seen. The technicality of the piece’s physical theatre , music and song was flawless staying slick and in sync for the whole 90 minutes . This story of love, loss and revenge is deeply touching and you will struggle to come away with a dry eye. 
This list, of course, is not conclusive. I saw loads of good shows during my time there and i found it extremely difficult to pick a top 5. I saw puppetry, stand up comedy, raves and was even attached to a heart monitor in one show. If your looking for something to do this summer or in one to come The Edinburgh Fringe could not disappoint! There really is something for everyone. 

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