Top 7 books for fashion lovers- National Storytelling Week

As some of you may know next week is national storytelling week. In order to celebrate this i thought i’d share with you my top 7 fashion related books. Now i have a bit of a confession. I’m a bit of a fashion book hoarder. So much so that i actually have a whole book self full of them. However i managed to whittle it down to my top 7 for you guys. Although these aren’t really story telling i feel some of them definitely tell stories of articles of clothing, how the industry came to be or people’s personal experiences and stories. So lets get started!

1. Women in this town- Guiseppe Santamaria

This book was given to me as a present from one of my close friends who clearly knows me very well as i love it! This book is full of outfit inspirations from chic people from New York, Paris, Melbourne, Madrid and London. I love it because all the pictures are completely natural and beautiful. There are also mini interviews with style icons which are really interesting to read. The thing i love most about this book is that it’s super easy to refer back to at any time if your stuck with outfit ideas as well as being a great wind down read. 


2. Design your Fashion Portfolio- Steven Faerm

This book is really helpful for design ideas, layout ideas and just general portfolio tips. Packed full of images and and advice this is perfect for any inspiring designers. Faerm is the former Director and current Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at the Parsons New School for Design in New York. This book has been like a bible for me when it came to producing a portfolio as well as for interview techniques and promotion ideas. 


3. Why Fashion Matters- Frances Corner

I cannot recommend this book enough! This book was a birthday present and i read it really fast!I can honestly say it is one of the best books i’ve read. It’s a very easy book to read in little chunks as it is split into 101 reasons that are just under a page each. With shocking facts about the industry spread out through out the book it makes for an engaging read, that can in some times be slightly upsetting. It covers lots of issues within the industry and helped me to get a more depth view of the problems within fashion and potential solutions for them. The writer, Frances Corner is the Head of London College of Fashion meaning it comes from someone who really knows their stuff. 


4. Fashion Career’s Guidebook- Julia Yates

This book was recommended to me by a teacher a few years ago and i have since them kept it near by as a guide for me. It was/is a massive help in choosing potential careers for yourself and getting help and advice on how to get there. This book will help you understand the complexities of the industry and consider what is right for you. I would recommend this for anyone who has an interest in fashion but doesn’t really know where to take it.


5. Creative Fashion Illustration- Stuart McKenzie

I bought this book online after attending a McKenzie illustration class at the Victoria and Albert Museum. McKenzie is a freelance illustrator who worked with brands such as Vivenne Westwood, Marks and Spencer and US cosmopolitan magazine. His drawing style is really fresh and original and i found his way in teaching very comprehensive. The lesson was only short so i was dying for some more tips. His book is absolutely full of them! It contains everything from Fabric to silhouette and faces. 


6. The Fundermentals of Fashion Design- Richard Sorger and Jenny Udale

This book was recommended to me at a university open day last year. Like the ‘Design your Own Portfolio’ book it is part of the Bloomsbury books. I found this book really useful when working on my own personal projects. This is because it’s really focused on ways to do research and to explore ideas. I think this book will also be great when i had out to university and start to develop my own ideas. So if your someone heading to study Fashion Design i would recommend this to you. 


7. How to be Parisian- Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret and Anne Berest

I got this book as a birthday present too and i am currently about 3/4 of the way through. This is one of the most beautiful books that i have seen and just looking at it and feeling the pages makes me happy. Considering i study French this is a special favourite of mine. If you’re look for some fashion and lifestyle tips or just some beautiful reading to indulge in the evening then this is the book for you!


What is your favourite book? Have you read anything amazing recently? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 xx


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  1. Great recommendations! I’ve been meaning to read ‘How to be Parisian’ for a while. xx

    1. Aww you should definitely get onto that it’s amazing! Let me know if you enjoy it 🙂 xx

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