Has Veganism become a Fashion Trend?

In the last year there has been a huge surge of people, especially teens becoming vegans. Of course, lots of people turn to veganism as a healthy way of life. When well informed, it can be a very healthy and beneficial diet. However lots of people have been turning to it because it’s ‘fashionable’ resulting in a lack of vitamins, nutrients and proteins.

The Figures:

Currently there are around half a million Vegans in England, Scotland and Wales. This is an increase of around 350% in just ten years. Veganism is especially popular amongst younger people with around 50% of vegans being between 15-34yrs old. Contrasting to merely 15% of over 65yr olds. The change in culinary diets is even notable amongst the data from supermarkets and restaurants. Non-diary product demands have skyrocketed and the sales of meat alternatives are predicted to reach around £6 billion by 2020. Last year PETA USA declared 2016 the year of the vegans and it seems that it was after such a huge surge in the demand for vegan products.

Why has Veganism become such a trend?: 

There is definitely more than one cause of this rise of vegans. Firstly I think Instagram plays a huge part in this new trend. Anyone who uses Instagram knows it isn’t hard to find hundreds of vegan bloggers or photographers with feeds just full of photos of vegetables and fruits. Instagram makes viewing and sharing a vegan lifestyle extremely easy and encourages others to join their lifestyle. Therefore by getting involved, people feel fashionable.

In a similar way, celebrities also have a large influence, especially over younger people. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellie Golding and David Hayes are just a few of the celebrities who advertise their vegan lifestyle online. Social media is probably the biggest advertiser of it and that’s probably why it is most prevalent in younger people.

The Risks when becoming Vegan:

Of course, when done properly, a vegan lifestyle can be good for our bodies, whether it’s done for health, political views or merely for fashion. However it must be taken to with care. Humans are naturally designed to be omnivores. So our bodies tend to need nutrients that come from both plants and animals. Some nutrients, such as Vitamin B12, which plays a huge part in the production of blood and the function of the brain, can only be found in meat or algae. There are also other vitamins that can only be provided via animal meat, such as Creatine, Carnosine and Docosahexaenoic Acid. 

Who knows if this trend is here to stay but I think it’s important to consider your health and ensure you’re getting the right nutrients when becoming vegan. It is definitely more accessible now  with lots of restaurants providing vegan options and supermarkets selling hundreds of options that accommodate a vegan lifestyle. Let me know what you think? Would you ever be Vegan? 🙂 xx

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