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So i dunno about you guys but i find it really interesting to see what other people eat! People have completely different diets, we all know what we eat but sometimes it’s cool to see what everyone else shoves in their mouths. It can even give your cool ideas for recipes you hadn’t considered before too. I would like to emphasise i am in no way a complete healthy freak who never eats junk food. However the meal ideas below are pretty nutritious so hopefully you will enjoy them. If you do give any of them a go i would love too see your results via twitter or Instagram, or the comments below 🙂


What i ate Wednesday :Oatmeal and blueberriesMeal: Oatmeal

On weekdays, i have oatmeal ( a type of porridge) every morning for breakfast with either blueberries, raspberries or strawberry on top. I love this breakfast as it is super fast to make which is great as i’m usually in a rush. The oats keep me full at least until mid morning or all the way till lunch. Usually i use 1 cup of oats and then add as much warm water (from the kettle) as needed. 



Meal: Avocado and spinach Meal: Avocado Egg


For lunch i had one of my favourite healthy meals. Boiled egg in avocado. This may look a little humorous but it tastes amazing and is super easy to make. All you need to do is cut and avocado in half and take out the centre. Then crack your egg into the space and place it in an oven at 220c for 30mins. This will essentially bake the egg. This makes a great source of healthy fats as well as protein and you can always use the other half to make guacamole of just have both halves. I served mine with baby spinach and some peanuts but you could have yours with anything you fancy.



Meal: Seafood Pasta Seafood pasta


Now this recipe may look slightly more complex but it’s surprisingly easy and delicious (especially if you’re a huge seafood fan like me). All it is is wholemeal pasta with some prawns and mussels that i heated up in the microwave for speed. I then made a white wine sauce with some garlic and onions and there you go. Ready in about 30mins so super quick after a long day. 


So there you have it, my day in meals. I hope i haven’t bored you too much and you actually have a go at some of these. Please leave a comment below perhaps with any of your favourite healthy meals and don’t forget to tweet me with if you give any of them a try! xx

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