Year in Review and New Years Resolutions

2017, what a year it has been. I remember last year news years telling myself 2017 would be the best one yet. Whether or not that’s true I’m not sure but I certainly have learnt a lot about myself. Another year older, maybe another year wiser? So, without further ado lets get into the review. 

My Year in Review:

This year has made me really grateful and appreciative for the people I have around me. My family and friends have been absolute gems. I’m so lucky to have a strong relationship with my family and a big circle of friends. This year they have yet again proved that they’re always there for me, their weirdness never failing to make me giggle. Honestly guys I could write a whole blog post on how much I love you all. The late night chats, days out, nights out and breakdowns you’ve been there for them all this year and I’m eternally thankful. I’ve also been delighted to have met so many incredible people in Falmouth and I’m excited to see those friendships blossom in 2018. 

For once, I can say that 2017 has been a good year for looking after my health. Every year I say I’m going to eat well and exercise and all that stuff. However in 2017 I’ve made some improvements. I’ve fallen in love with exercise and university has got me cooking well for myself and caring for myself and I’m looking forward to continuing with that in the new year. 

I’m also extremely grateful for some of the incredible moments I’ve shared with people this year. They have without a doubt help to sculpt me as a person. So many of you have taught me new things about myself and the world around me. And I cannot wait to continue meeting new and amazing people in 2018.

I’ve also been lucky enough to visit some amazing places in 2017. Venice, South Africa, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Hongkong to name a few! I find visiting new places is so eye opening. Learning about and experiencing new cultures is always so interesting and often humbling. I’ve also made some beautiful memories with my family that will last a life time. 

On a slightly naughtier note this was my first year as an adult! Which meant it was the first year I experienced clubbing and nights out in the traditional sense. And Bristol you did not disappoint! I have some hilarious, if not slightly hazy memories from nights out this year. I’ve without a doubt lost some dignity and self respect but I do have a new love affair with spoons and drunk eating. Yay??!

Finally this year has been a year of learning. I finished A levels and went to University to fend for myself. Learning how to keep myself alive wasn’t as easy as you may think! I learnt to cook proper meals, how to budget and perhaps the hardest thing, how to use an industrial sewing machine! I even went on holiday alone with my friends… and survived. Creatively I learnt to push myself and from it gained a new confidence. I learnt to debate in a new language, something I thought would never happen and even learnt how to play chess and poker, and win.

New Years Resolutions:

In general I find new years resolutions slightly pointless because I never do them but thought it might be nice to set myself some goals for the new year. So here goes. 

  • Like everyone else I have the basic health and fitness resolution. I’ve done a much better job this year than those before but I wanna keep it going. And maybe take it to a new level (she says timidly) I’d quite like to try some new things in the gym and push myself harder, but we shall see..
  •  Secondly, and importantly, I want to be better with my blog. The start of last year went really well but then I ended up on a downwards slope. And what with adjusting to university and basically a complete 180 on my life the blog kind of slipped but I’m determined to actually at least try to keep to a schedule in 2018 and produce some new and original content. 
  • I would also like to have some more time for myself this year. By that I mean read more and draw more and take some time to unwind once in a while. Things that might actually benefit me on my course!
  • Another thing that will help me on my course is learning how to use Photoshop and illustrator to a good standard. Obviously we have lessons on the course but I’d like to start supplementing it with some free online courses. So who knows maybe you’ll see some photographic works of art on here in the new year!
  • The other day I watched a ted talk about the benefits of being a morning person. It got me thinking and in general at university I’m up at 8/9am but given the choice I’d happily sleep till midday. It would be so nice to actually enjoy being up early and getting on with the day.  So becoming better at getting up early would be great fro 2018. 
  • The last ones totally unrealistic and never going to happen because I’m a first year university student but ideally I’d like to drink less…. however I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future !

New Year: 2017 ReviewNew Year: 2017 Review

For anyone interested this was my new years outfit! Jacket: Pull&Bear, Skirt: Topshop and Top: Boohoo

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post and celebrate hard tonight! Let me know what your new years resolutions are in the comments below! I’d love some more ideas. See you in the new year! xxx


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